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Primerun Mobile Apps


Primerun is a bunch of mobile apps for simple and powerful sketches creation and photo editing. There is a big free clipart in each Primerun app. Cliparts include variety of clothes, dressing and accessories such as sunglasses, hats, mustaches, beards, dresses, animals, memes, etc. Also you can write text on the image or photo. Its very simple to create funny collages and memes, and publish them on the popular social networks or in-app chat. Primerun is simple and powerful Photoshop in your mobile which you can use absolutely free!

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Primerun Dressing Room

Primerun Dressing room

Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars

Dressing room let you to try on dresses, hairs, jewels, pendants, jewelry, try on clothes, wedding dresses, ties, suits, shirts, tattoos, hats, masks and other accessories of famous brands. Create fashion sketches based on your photos and publish your collages in popular social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, instagram or in-app dating chat. Buy fashionable clothes and exclusive accessories of famous brands with discounts. The application runs a chat, where you can share your creativity and even create funny content together with your friends!

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Primerun Fun

Primerun Fun

Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars

Fun is an app for funny editing your photo (or your friend's photo), change face, change appearance, change your hairstyle, etc. Stick mustache or beard, make funny memes using common coolfaces. Use the app as a Photoshop for android or iPhone. Hair photoshop, photoshop person photo editor. It is a powerful and free analogue of famous Photoshop in your smartphone. Compose funny memes and sketches from multiple photos using only the big clipart and your humor.

Of course it is possible to add text on photos. Try animal heads, the head of a cat, the dog's head and masks. Make funny cool gift for the new year, a souvenir.

Your awesome sketches and collages you can save to disk or share on social networks: VKontakte, VK,, instagram, facebook or in cool in-app dating chat.

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Primerun Tattoo

Primerun Tattoos

Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars

The Tattoo app is your guide to the world of tattoos and body piercing. Try the great dragon tattoos, scorpion, patterns, skulls, fish, and other animals from a large tattoo clip art and directories of the most fashionable tattoo studios. Create new images based on your pictures and share them with your friends in popular social networks and our dating chat. Learn about new trends in the world of tattoo and piercing in our timeline.

Edit your photos, use the app as a fitting tattoo room, virtual fitting room. You can use the app as Photoshop photo editor for absolutely free. You can create photo collages of several tattoo photos, large tattoo clipart and photoshop for android or ios. You can create a photo collage based on the collection and catalog of fashionable tattoo studios and celebrity tattoo. Try on piercing, learn the meaning of the tattoos, try on tattoos and see how does it fit to your body.

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Primerun Gifts

Primerun Gifts

Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars Excellent app 5 stars

Make a cool handmade gift with the awesome mobile app Primerun Gifts! Gather a bouquet of beautiful flowers and present it to your girlfriend or a boyfriend. It can also be a gift for the New Year, Christmas, a birthday gift. The original gift for graduation, Valentine's Day, wedding gift, and other holidays. The application easy to use and free. You can make a postcard with greetings and congratulate a friend or girlfriend with a birthday in social networks VK, vkontakte, facebook, instagram, twitter, Google, whatsup, viber, Skype, free sms, chat and dating.

The application allows you to edit photos, create funny sketches with flowers. It can be used as a free photo editor like Photoshop for IOS or Android. The app has a chat rooms for sharing photos and dating.

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